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It's the end of a long but great day at Google Summit.  Please take a moment to share your two best learning points.

Bring back with washing dishes video.  I need to you to know my goals for this time here, and then we're going to do a mix of the very nitty-gritty and the very theoretical, and we're going to come out of it smiling.

I'm Tim (slide 2)

What I hope we do today (Slide 3)

Very first thing, before we do anything else, I need someone who's never created a blog to come up and create a blogger blog.  We'll all help (two with lasers).  How many of you have never created a Blogger blog--and how many of you have a Google login?

Should we take a look at some uses for a blog?

SLIDESHOW--Secret life of blogs

If time permits, comment on the blog. Otherwise, comment on paper:  "What could my professional self do with a blog?"

washing dishes

Turn to your neighbor and share a learning point from ANOTHER session at NCCE.

did you know that your brain learns better from beautiful things than ugly things? Did you know that your brain learns better if you are happy? Did you know that your brain learns better if you get bloodflow to your brain than if you stay seated? And if you say stuff out loud your brain will learn it better than if you stay passive as a recipient.

So . . . Let me show you another funny video (cable psa) and then I'm going to have you stand up and pair up and I'll give you a conversation prompt.

"What keywords would help you define BLOG? What's a blog?"

Then partner pairs to make groups of 4 and discuss CLASSROOM BLOGS.

Okay, bring it back with Commoncraft.

Blogger PPT

Bird flirtation

Tumblr PPT