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All sensible people know that if you are tired and hungry a meal will do you good. But the modern theory of nourishment–all about the vitamins and proteins–is a different thing. People ate their dinners and felt better long before the theory of vitamins was ever heard of : and if the theory of vitamins is some day abandoned they will go on eating their dinners just the same.  
~CS Lewis (NOT talking about the adoption of CCSS!)

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English Standards Appendices
  • A--Research, Text Complexity Measurements
  • B--Example Texts and Performance Tasks
  • C--Example Writing Exemplars

Math Standards Appendix

  • High School Conceptual Categories

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> Spreadsheet of CCSS (from Learnboost)

> O, the thinks you can think (ready-made lesson plans aligned to CCSS)

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Common Core Standards

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