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The Common Core THIS workshop meshes web 2.0 tools with teachers' standards and allows teachers to team up to create a project worth showing to the group.  Teachers start by editing a Google Presentation (pick a slide and make it your own) with name, info, and a standard from your content area.

Then we go into small groups to verbally brainstorm edtech integration for the three domains of learning:  1) Instruction, 2) Practice and 3) Creative Demonstration of student mastery for a sample standard in our content area.  

Showcase Web2.0 tools that can be useful at each stage/domain of learning.  Each group will then choose a standard, roll the dice to choose I, P, or D, and spend allocated time developing an artifact for that mode of teaching/learning.  Instruction?  Actually develop a prezi to teach that lesson.  Practice?  Use Quizlet or a gaming site.  Demonstration of Mastery?  Be a student and create a conversation using Xtranormal in which one character explains to the other the concepts at hand.

Showcase artifacts to close.