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You're here because you know that something HAS to change.

Video: Living History Museum

Session Doc
  • How to avoid LHM?

We need to fully realize the Past to navigate shift.  Sir KEN ROBINSON RSA

Session Doc
  • What shifts are taking place?
    • Analog to digital
    • Teacher provides knowledge to teacher shows where to get knowledge to teacher shows how to get to knowledge
    • Search "FOIL Method Algebra"  --We should not be making new videos on this topic.
    • Instructor--Curator--Coach
  • (these are more secondary than elementary)
  • what do YOU see shifting?

Video: Information R/Evolution


  • Virtualized Classroom (portal)
  • Creative/Authentic demonstration of mastery
  • Insistence on each student becoming the engineer of his/her own learning.

Seth Godin.  Ask for other thought-leading resources.

In groups: what needs to be changed in my school that I can help change?

End with Video: Cisco Classroom just got bigger