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60 mins, 1:15-2:15

You're here because you know that something HAS to change.

Create Partnerships via "opposites attract"--introduce to each other, plan to return to this person at 2:05 for final conversation.

Self introduction

Slideshow, some brief comments about merging virtual spaces with physical classrooms, authentic learning PBL (demonstrations of learning), and curation (we all know it all, so the trick is not knowing but knowing where to know).  Everybody join me at 

Video: Living History Museum

Session Doc
  • How to avoid LHM?

We need to fully realize the Past to navigate shift.  Sir KEN ROBINSON RSA

Session Doc
  • What shifts are taking place?
    • Analog to digital
    • Teacher provides knowledge to teacher shows where to get knowledge to teacher shows how to get to knowledge
    • Search "FOIL Method Algebra"  --We should not be making new videos on this topic.
    • Instructor--Curator--Coach
  • (these are more secondary than elementary)
  • what do YOU see shifting?

Video: Information R/Evolution


  • Virtualized Classroom (portal)
  • Creative/Authentic demonstration of mastery
  • Insistence on each student becoming the engineer of his/her own learning.

Seth Godin.  Ask for other thought-leading resources.

In groups: what needs to be changed in my school that I can help change?

End with Video: Cisco Classroom just got bigger