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Start with humorous video to gently interrupt conversation and turn attention to main screen.

Brief Self Intro

Disney Movie on Copyright: Chapter 1

Happy Birthday Song: sing it for someone's birthday, then ask for vote-ins (poll) on whether we've just violated copyright or not.  We publicly performed it without advance, in-writing permission.  It's a violation.

Copyright Links for further study.

That's it. We're all guilty. We can go home now.

Before we do, first let me show you the resources site for this session, though, and those who are interested can stay for the second half, in which we'll explore Fair Use.

Intro to site.

Disney from 6:20 Chapter 4

Fair Use Song up to irritating transformative piece 1:30

Handout examination, discussions, Q/A

If Time Permits . . .

TedTalks Larry Lessig beginning to point 2, then 7:30 to 9:30

Apologize for Bush clip if you show it from 10:30 12:12