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Brief description of workshop:

Remember when your school’s only classrooms were the ones with desks and chairs? Modern classrooms may have desks and chairs but should also have digital spaces for students to interact.  Google Tools are free and provide great collaborative spaces for students to work in, and graded discussions, assignments, teacher-student feedback loops … all of these are standard features of any Learning Management System (LMS).  Come today to work hands-on with Google and LMS's and take home ideas about how to implement them in your school tomorrow!

90 Minute Workshop, Outlines and Objectives:

Begin with "Gratitude Game" in small groups: share with shoulder-buddies about 1 unusual thing you're grateful for.

(Shoulder buddy intros?)

Brief slideshow of four "e-classroom videos" ending with Einstein Quote.  Prove me wrong--I think we can provide more learning for ourselves in this time-frame by collaboration than brain dump.

Collaborate on a Google Slideshow to review 4 videos.

I'll re-start with a video.

Demonstrate creating a Collaborative Slideshow 

Blogger Websites: the world's easiest way to set up an online classroom.

Demo setting up a Blogger site (3 minutes)

Group brainstorming WHY to have a web-presence for a class

Blogger sites and other websites allow for 1-way "conversations."  But what if we wanted 2-way conversations?  What about looking at an LMS?

Telling the "Story of an LMS"

Demo my LMS, giving feedback and evaluating PBL work.

Demo setting up a Canvas classroom.

Work time for each participant to set up one of the following:
a) Google Doc or Presentation
b) Blogger Site, or
c) LMS Classroom

Group Sharing