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iPads want ROVER

Play Sigma Prime

Introducing myself and my game-playing classroom.
Small group introductions--answering the question "why did you come to a session about gaming?" and "what motivates kids to play an edugame, or any game?  Go beyond 'fun'--what makes it fun?"

Brainstorm document (linked from

Sumdog shows alternative motivators to "Save the Princess"

Demo of Games: a quick brush-over of the best games available for free. Participants get a sense for what is "out there" and will select 2 options for further exploration.

Participants spend time with the games they've chosen.
HandUp-PairUp: Participants put a hand up in the air, and when the music stops they'll find another up-in-the-air hand and join forces to compare notes on what games they've tried and liked.  

Supporting Research = Harnessing the Power of Video Games for Learning (, is a 2006 report from the Federation of American Scientists that details the current state of instructional gaming and calls for increased research.