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Let's build something together.

Switchtasking vs Multitasking

Copy Paste and Select All and other tricks everybody needs.

Presentation for multiple simultaneous editing--grab a slide, brainstorm on the left uses for Google...

Grant document or budget narrative editing?

Collect information (T-Shirt Sizes) by Form

5 finger voting

collaborative slides

He gave us quite a bit of time to talk in the small group or whole group.

Began with music

Interacted with people beforehand

Went on tangents (good?  bad?)

Used Forms and Presos in a hands-on way

Jumped in and out of presos

Group talk

Whole group share out

Five Finger Clickers

Tim used these strategies

Music to energize before session started.

Check level of understanding (fingers)

Part way through...check in...about the topics he talked about…(calendar, drive, formula, asked people to connect to prior learning)

Big Ideas...Google It

Humor — If you’re bored in one of my sessions…

Closing — Online to-do list