Google Gently

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Welcome! Please make sure that your neighbor also found this resource page. Next step is to fill in this FORM and then, when our session time has begun and everyone in your table has done the form, go see what's cutting-edge.
Let's "fly-over" of several prominent landmarks of Google territory.   We'll jump in and out of this embedded slideshow, and then strategize about how to use Google tools in our professional work.  (In case I forget to say it, DON'T download Google Drive.  It's a cloud-based resource that is best in-the-cloud, and I don't recommend "downloading" it the first time you go in to set it up.  But I probably won't forget to say it.)

> A great list of more Google Tools
> Google Multitask Mode

>Session Doc

Google Drive Folders Project: (we may not do this one today...and don't worry that the steps are confusing--they're only here to jog your memory after I've demonstrated how to do it)
  1. Go to your Google Drive (search "docs" online and sign in) and make a new document.
  2. Title it as your first name.
  3. Before editing it any further, go back to the tab or window with your Drive files, refresh it.  If everything went well on my end, you should now have something in the "shared with me" folder on the left, and you can drag this "Google Classroom Session" folder into My Drive.
  4. Now you can go back to the list showing all your documents (My Drive) and . . . here's the important part . . . drag your new document into the folder called "Google Classroom Session."
  5. Now go back to editing the document you've named with your first name.
  6. Add one pic of yourself (if you have one).
  7. Share one or two things about your professional practice that make you "especially glad to be an educator."
  8. Drop in one or two links to websites--either your own class website or another favorite.
  9. Go to the Google Classroom Folder to see other classmates' work. Look but don't touch. :)

Google Presentations Multi-Users Project:

Take a slide and name it at the top, and then
  1. Add one pic of yourself (if you have one).
  2. Share one or two things about your professional practice that make you "especially glad to be an educator."
  3. Drop in one or two links to websites--either your own class website or another favorite.

Become Somebody
Do you already have a Web 2.0 identity? No, it’s not a special thing you go sign up for–it’s a username/password that you use on ALL of your many web accounts. This is important: your "username" is often the same as the front part of your email address. So if your email address is, your username on every site you visit and sign up for will be ponyboy211.

So you may want to go ahead and come up with a username that really works.  A username that can be you EVERYWHERE.  Get it on Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail so nobody else can be your username.  Claim your territory!

Username Specs
Get yourself a username that

  1. nobody-nobody-nobody will take,
  2. is 8 characters or more,
  3. avoids capital letters, and
  4. includes at least three numbers.

That meets almost every requirement for usernames anywhere. Then the password should be at exactly 8-10 characters and include a number. That way you can confidently return to sites a year after creating an account and know that you can login with no trouble . . . thanks to your spiffy universal login!


Gmail NOT equal to Google Account
A Google Account doesn't require getting Google's Email (Gmail).  You can use any email address to sign up for a Google Login.

You may choose to make yourself an email address (using the same username base) at all three of these.  I am not recommending trying to juggle all of them or even use more than one.  For example, I have taken the email address "" but NEVER use it.  I took it so someone else doesn't get any ideas about taking on the edtech2020 identity, not knowing that I'm already edtech2020 at gmail, photobucket, zotero, gaggle, glogster, quizlet, rubistar, screenr, and 212 other websites where I have logged in either as "edtech2020" or using my email ""--all with the same password.*

*the one caveat to the same-password trick is that I do have separate passwords for banking and purchasing sites.  For example, my identity on 200+ websites is the same--edtech2020--as my identity where I do my banking and on  But on the ones where I have to give my credit card, I have a special password that's not the same as the other sites.