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Start with video to gather attention
Intro/rabbit trails/why we came a-conferencing
Poll the audience about skill levels with Forms/Docs/Presentations/Voice/Groups/etc.
Getting Started:

(Make a Prezi of the flyover--that would be eye-catching--make a screenshot of a shared doc)

Flyover first--Google does so much more than search!

Identify where to start . . . some people are ready to hurl themselves into a Google search: "set up Google voice NOW."  While others are petrified of being up so high and not knowing how to even start.

Get people up and to the walls to sort into groups of 3.  Talk about what you'd do in your professional practice if the Google tools just plain worked for you.  

Make a continuum line stretching from the "Where's my parachute? Let me jump!" end to the "Tell me exactly what to do and start me at the very beginning" end.

Have the green berets form jump-teams--they'll report to the group on 1) what they did to find out how to do 2) how it worked, and 3) what was the most troublesome.

Go with the others up to the overhead and get them step-by-step (in pairs) to have a Google Login and make a shared document.
Digging Deeper: