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Slideshow in full screen.

Encourage them to go to website.

What are you deliriously grateful for? I'm grateful for hot water!

Self introduction

This is a gentle class!  We make no assumptions here.

Flyover.  Things don't make sense from the air that make sense on the ground.  Things don't make sense on the ground that make sense from the air.

1 hour

Fill in form
Explore tools
(I help people who said they had no account)

Exploring time . . . you can try a sample form, etc.

At 2 hours--send them out into the hall to talk and brainstorm.  First have them choose a slide, then send them out to talk, have them come back after 8-10 minutes and type in their responses, then show another Google Video.

Production time.  What will you produce?  If you want to produce together, all the better.  In 20 minutes, you'll come back to your group of 6 to show what you've been working on.