Prezi is full-screen at start.  Don't hand out colored tags/post-its.

<Prezi Frame 2>
In small groups, share why you came to a session called GooMoodleOdo. 
Have you learned from Youtube lately?

My own journey into digital teaching began when I realized how much I needed a digital teaching space for my face-to-face classroom. I used Google tools such as Blogger, Sites, and Calendar. It was unilateral, pushing from me to them. Then my next step was to embrace student portfolios. Finally, I came to the place where I faced a "felt need" for an LMS. 
<Prezi Frame 3> That's where the paths diverge in a yellow wood: Moodle and Edmodo.  But let's get to that divergence after we talk about some why's and how's of flipping and digitizing instruction.

In fact, the whole process of flipping my classroom required a basket of skillsets in order to make the flip happen (ask for volunteer driver for Session Doc)

Flippin’ Ingredients
  • Blogging
    • start unit-sized
    • Blogger or Weebly
  • PBL / Student-Centered Portfolios
    • student access to Web2.0 tools
    • Making websites
  • Google
    • Calendar (demonstrate embedding)
    • Blogger
    • Sites (demonstrate)
  • LMS
    • Moodle (requires a host server)
    • Edmodo (best for individual, non-techie, synchronous-paced)
    • Canvas

Evaluating eLearning--the good, bad, and ugly
GROUP via eye-buddy--quick discussion about the FLIP
watch 4 videos while standing, discuss after each, write some thoughts in column B of Session Doc table 

Demo the Tools! (Moodle, Edmodo)
  • Tips and hard-won advice.
  • Creating an assignment.
  • Grading an assignment.
  • Posting new instructions.
  • Creating a class.

Workshop Project Teams
Self Identify: CEOs (red), CIOs (yellow), and R/D-Engineers-Artists (blue)
Give each group tags of their color.
Create triads.

Experiment with Google, Moodle, and Edmodo, then create a SMORE flyer to record what you've learned.  
  • Include a list of Flippin' Ingredients.
  • Include your brain-dump: eLearning and Flipping.
  • Screenshots. Links.
  • Paste your link into the Session DOC.
  • Choose who reports back on which part.

(Deleted Links)
9th Grade English: a make-as-we-go classroom designed to augment my f2f classroom
DigiDesigns: a pre-created classroom designed for blended e-learning

Moodle Sandbox
(username: educator1, educator2, etc. & password: moodle)