Comics in Classrooms

Why use Toons?

  • students demonstrate mastery
  • differentiate for lower and middle range
  • see article1 and article2 (and be sure to open the links--which are GREAT--in new tabs)

Online, Embeddable Comic Strip Generators:


Comic Life as a Tool

  1. Choosing page template
  2. Drag template to pane
  3. Select all and lock panels (apple/command + L)
  4. Select and drag photos
    1. can use built-in camera
  5. Modifying images
    • Style
      • double-click image (orange border)
      • toggle style and select
    • Frame
      • one-click image (green border)
      • toggle style and select
  6. Details Tab
    • frame
    • shadow
  7. Click and drag "sound effect" letters.
  8. Add speech balloons.
  9. Change font size by clicking on "bigger" and "smaller."
  10. Justifying text in speech bubbles.

Making available online
Screen capturing using CaptureMe or MWSnap vs. exporting to JPG.

Example Classroom Comics (Shakespeare and TS Elliot)