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Link to Form (please fill this out before we begin, if possible)

SESSION DOC <== Collaborative working document.  (On an iPad, scroll to the bottom and choose "Desktop Mode" so you can edit it, too!)

Certificate Template (for Autocrat)
Starter Essay (for Doctopus)
Starter Slideshow (for Doctopus)
Rubric Template (for Doctopus/Goobric)

AWESOME Resources

Pay special attention to EASYBIB awesomeness: Monica Martinez

Old vs New: John Sowash

Scripts for Sheets with ADDED FONTS: Karen Justl (need to make an old-style spreadsheet?)

Autocrat Pointers
1) Premake Document with << >> 
2) Premake folder for merged docs.
3) Form works best if you take FIRST and LAST in different questions

Doctopus Pointers
1) After the spreadsheet has data, add a column called "excused"--you'll need it.
2) Come up with a naming protocol for the folders where you keep your Document Templates.  Each folder is identified as if it's in the root--no nesting--so the first letters of the folder names are really important.
3) Moments after you install the script, you'll be asked what file you want to use as template to share AND what folder you want the documents to output to.  You may, alternately, create a new output folder at this time.

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