Inefficiency Alert: Browsers

Software-naked classroom computing (web2.0)

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SESSION DOC <== Collaborative working document.  (On an iPad, scroll to the bottom and choose "Desktop Mode" so you can edit it, too!)

Session Objectives:
  1. Cloud-computing for ALL.
  2. Better browsers: add-ons, extensions, and apps (o my!).
  3. Hands-on with tools and web-utilities.
  4. Collaborate/team to explore and share.

PART 1: Level-Up Your BROWSER

Chrome Apps:

Start with, then see

Q: So, what are Chrome Apps, again?     A: Click HERE.

The Presentation Remote / de Mobo example.

Browser Wars, Comic

Extensions . . . you mean you can ADD stuff to the baked potato? 

Browser Extensions: Productivity

Evernote-- here's a great EXAMPLE of Evernote in use.
YoLink--researching in the 21st Century . . . how's it work?
Zotero--note-taking as you research. (FF)
Diigo--annotate, archive, organize
Google Toolbar--excellent for collaboration.

Browser Extensions: Creativity

DownloadHelper--capture videos in "hardcopy" for classroom use. (FF only)
Cooliris--picture walls worth walking along. (Chrome only)
Pixlr Grabber--Capture image, then have captured image available as online link

Educator-Friendly Chrome Extensions

Ready to go explore for more extensions?   Chrome ::  Firefox

PART 2: Software Alternatives

WebApps: Sites/Services that do what local software did.

Music Making

Adobe Pro

>Google Docs
>Office Live


Graphic Design

Photo Editing

Video Editing

>Moodle / Edmodo

Video Screencapture
>iPad (Screenchomp, Educreations)

More, and more, and more.

Experiment with Extensions and Apps, then create a SCREENR presentation of 1-3 minutes or a SMORE site to record what you've learned. 

  • Show at least two extensions or sites that do what software once did.
  • Paste your link into the Session DOC.