MathScience in the Movies

"How can we afford the inefficiency of 'creative' stuff in math and science classes? Already we can't make it through the curriculum!"


Students engage with a concept with hands-on experimenting and problem solving.
speed of sound
loss of kinetic energy
ice melting
plant growth
celestial movement
drop rate
salmon life cycle
shadow movement
spring (seasonal change)


(be your own Bill Nye)

Students demonstrate their learning by "teaching" a concept in review.
area/perimeter--using manipulatives
powerpoint or other app
human body
systems energy transfer and transformations
metric vs. standard measurements and conversions
creating podcasts
gas laws
making ooblec

Recording of Teaching

frog dissection
how to use a digital camera
graphing functions on the smart board
adding and subtracting integers
measuring angles
how to use a graphing calculator
summarizing story using details
recess rules
labs explanation

Auxiliary Skills

voiceover and extracting audio
post to teachertube or to class blog
screen captures (CaptureMe or MWSnap)

Movie-Making Skillset

Creating/Editing a New Movie

  • Trimming
  • Adding Titles
  • Using Photos (basic Ken Burns effects and timing)


  • Volume Adjusting
  • Adding a clip of music
  • Copyright!
    • 30 seconds or less is a guideline for Fair Use
    • Freeplaymusic not for outside of the classroom
    • Try some rifs out of GarageBand


  • Share to QT (CD Quality, usually)

Online Video Tutorials