Moodles on the Rocks

(Actually there are no rocks, so I guess that would make it a "well Moodle"?)

Why have a supplementary online classroom?absentees, parents, professionalism
Why have an LMS (Moodle, Edmodo, Haiku) as your online classroom? assignment-handling
Why choose Moodle as that LMS?  schoolwide uniformity, repeated/archived courses

Moodle Intro:
  1. Two modes for using Moodle classrooms--pre-created and on-the-fly.
  2. Using LABELS to link to outside resources.
  3. Using ONLINE TEXT ASSIGNMENT and a Google Doc to submit assignments.
  4. Removing blocks to improve appearance.
  5. Checking GRADES--as a student and as a teacher. 
  6. First assignment advice: opinion, non-academic, edit profile.  

  • students have to have email open AND click activation link on the first day
  • resetting passwords is multi-step and confusing for the most vulnerable
  • monitoring for off-task behavior (games)
  • what else?