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Welcome!  Pass out eval cards.

I was a newbie once, too, and I had a huge advantage because of my background.  My brain HURT after the first day of a tech conference, and I didn't sleep because I was following links and trying to learn what I didn't know.

What if everyone had to have a question?  It's the third session of the first day . . . was there anything that came up in the first two sessions for which more clarity would be beneficial?

(I jot notes on session doc.)

Questions are okay.  I'm a good person to ask.  Asking on Youtube is a good way, too.  Have you done that yet?

Videos: Book Helpdesk at END, Welcome to the human network,

What's old but provides important foundation?
  • web2.0 read-write-web
  • wiki/blog/website (establishing a digital space)
  • Google docs
  • browser wars

What's new that seems to be up-and-coming?  What to watch?
  • cloud computing
  • flipped classrooms
  • QR Codes (quickmark, i-nigma,
  • 1:1 initiatives
  • paperless textbooks (flexbooks)
  • Learning Management Systems 

A Nod to the Hardware
  • touchboards
  • tablets
  • remote keyboard/trackpad
  • clickers
  • iPad
  • netbook

Becoming a Self-Feeder