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Riding Herd

Come in!

No evaluations or post-its.

We'll be working from a Google Doc today, which makes for iPad-friendly sessions.  Best if you download the G+ app and/or partner with a laptop.

Low-key, discussion-based session today.  I'm an expert in managing technology in the classroom *because I've been doing it for YEARS.*  Some of you are truly not experts, but it's likely that everyone has something to contribute.  You'll really enjoy this session, even if "soft-learning" in discussion groups isn't your thing.

Small group (2-3) of SIMILAR SHOES
Share from previous session: what did you learn?

Video: Herding Cats
We feel like that, with tech, right?
To the Shared Doc.  Enter Emails in chart.  Help your neighbor.

Let's create the nightmare.  Everyone add a bullet point down below for what happens to MR. GRIGGS when he tries technology for the first time with his class.  Some things beyond his control, but more things that he might have prevented (with 6 years of experience) under his belt.  What happens to the newbie that tends not to happen to the old hand?  Where are the bottlenecks, what causes frustrations?

We can think about the systems from two perspectives.  Physical Space and Digital Space.

Physical Space ideas (somebody jot this down, please)
  • call by rows rather than by alpha
  • turn desks away
  • carry a laser
  • be mindful of personal space
  • activate shoulder buddies
  • DEMO first.  Kids' brains shut down when technology is in front of them, or even in the cart at the front of the room.  Ramp it up--you'll be able to have them put an iPad face down and turn to face you eventually, but not in the first week.  DEMO the site the day before you go to the lab.

Digital Space ideas  (this is where we can really make strides, so focus here.)

  • arrange ahead of time for easy links to "what do I do when I'm done"
    • Never games or photobooth--this short-circuits the learning time.  Neither close the computer and go analog--nobody wants to do that!  Edugames works for me.  Pen pal with epals.  Museum tours, other ideas?
  • create digital space they can reach the first time.  An online "classroom" that can be blog, site, or LMS.
  • QR Codes are huge at elementary level.
  • Quickmark, i-nigma, create with

Ending Question:

What's one tip or trick that you will go tell other teachers about?  What's one that you want to try?  Come to the Edugames session for some good ideas there...