1)buy one piece and have everyone share it

--it sits in the library

--nobody's invested in it OR one person does figure it out but then instead of becoming the advocate he keeps it to himself and hopes to God nobody else figures it out

Instead... have a small group get the tech (and training) and get fully invested in it.

Seeing from the tower has its disadvantages. You see the battle from bird's-eye view. You're the one who came to the conference, and nobody else has been to the magic shop to see the wonders of a brave, new tech-infused world. How do you bring home change?

The story of Lori

The story of Susie

The story of Cathy

We have a responsibility to climb the tower. See what's over the hill. Take a birds-eye of the battle. But don't live up there--we also have a responsibility to climb back down and live with the troops. There has to be someone to go up above and be trusted to say "This is important" to the people who live their lives without any inclination to climb. Go admire the Motorola Xoom. Buy one for your district team to pass around, but don't live on the forward edge of gadgetry.