Multiple Personality ORDER


Andy’s Digital Dossier

I am multiple personalities online.  What does that mean?  Certainly it means I have multiple email addresses, but it means more than that.  Here’s me 3 times (3 Intros)

Before we talk about MULTIPLE IDENTITIES, we should talk about Identity.  What does it mean to have a digital footprint?  Are you concerned/worried/chill about it? 

Back to website for John Acuff video and AnswerGarden of “What tools/sites create online footprint?” Factors of the Footprint (shared GoogleDoc)—webtools and “places” where identity is created.


Is having a large digital footprint desirable?

Google yourself.  Be brutal and put the word “teacher” in the search and see what nasties may have been written about you.  Try Spokeo.


Regardless of whether it’s desirable, sometimes it’s inevitable.  Let’s make our multiple identity!

It all starts with email.

Since you likely already have an email client open in another tab, you have three options if you don’t want to to the login/logout/login chacha.




Personal vs. Professional


Student Privacy


Forwarding, responding-as, One Ring to rule them all

Google Voice phone number

Tweetdeck Tweet-As, Hootsuite

G-Plus, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, AND?