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Eval Cards and Post Its


Show Video: Engage Me

Introduce self, get participants to the website and the Collaborative Session Doc.
DEMONSTRATE KNOWLEDGE OR SKILL.  Think about a subject area that is taught in your school.  Romeo and Juliet Act II.  FOIL Method in Algebra.  Rock classification.  Plessy vs. Ferguson.

Commoncraft video on PBL is coming.  Commoncraft is not educators.  BIE.ORG wrote (most of) the script.  Did the Commoncraft team learn the content while demonstrating with video?  You bet.  They talk about Projects, but the very format they use is one that Demonstrates Learning, and they learn as they Demonstrate Learning.  It's the pointy end of PBL, and an excellent place to start.

Take notes in the session doc as we watch Commoncraft--what are the buzzwords?

Small Groups (we'll identify partnerships in these groups for working time, and we will come back together into these groups after the break)

BIE.ORG notes

My Goals (Slide)


-Book Review (especially the audio clip)


  • Play videos from desktop: Martin Luther // Boy in striped PJs


  • Susan: Classroom 2.0
  • Math Problem

Screencasting (Show Educreations and Demo Screencast-o-matic)

Uploading Multimedia (.mov files)

  • Youtube
  • Google Drive


What is the greatest challenge?

End Slide--objectives.