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I'd like to discourage you from coming to this session.  This is not 180 minutes of me telling you how to improve PD in your school.  Rather, this is a session for folks who provide professional development to have the opportunity to collaborate together.  I've created the Google Doc with questions ... we all will provide answers there.

180 Minutes:

Begin with Gratitude.  Stress-release in small groups.


Shoulder buddy intros.

Brief slideshow ending with Einstein Quote.  Prove me wrong--I think we can provide more learning for ourselves in this time-frame by collaboration than brain dump.

First--decompile the intro that I did.  This is not a model lesson, by any means.  But with your shoulder-buddy, talk about both pros and cons about how I began our session.  ... point to the person who's going to share out.  When you tell me, either good or bad, I'll say thank you.

Conversation about music (point them to the doc) and intros.


Take a 7 minute break.  I'll re-start with a video. 

Apologies in advance--the Cable PSA video portrays a lady who looks an awful lot like my grandmother as incapable.  I DO NOT like that part.  Yet I hope that you can see in her a "veteran" who ought to be honored . . . and who can't easily cope with things that are normal for younger people.

Cable PSA video

What mistakes have you made?

Session-Doc until interest wanes.

http://teach.oetc.org/strategies   to scout for a strategy that you might employ in an upcoming training.  Tell your group about it. 

Employ one strategy on/with another group.  The conversation (learning point) is _____________. (next G-Doc topic?)

Other thoughts:

We can use PD as a verb here...

Teachers take their Leave days on PD days.

Feed the hungry!

Measures for Effective Teaching (evaluated on things other than seniority)

The difference, the CHASM, between PD-ing newbie teachers and veterans.

The veterans say "It's just a pendulum, it's just a fad."

The difference between mandatory and self-selected.

The difference between reimbursed training and on-own-time.

It's an expenditure of Political Capitol to train peers.




What looks RIGHT and good about PD?

Blended PD!  Webinar/Youtube/solo-time, then collaborative together.

Work backward (from a final objective) to see what should be done on PD time.

Preparing the Digital Space

  • The first slide (up on the screen when participants come) contains instructions for getting on the network (if applicable) and how to get to the presentation notes and resources.
  • Use Google Presentations or Prezi so that people can follow along on their own device.  BUT download it as well so that the show can still go on in the event of internet malfunction.
  • I keep a PDF file of all my presentations--I find that I can have a very nice almost-full-screen display with Adobe Reader but still be able to see my dock/taskbar.  I think it’s important to not be too “slick” with a presentation that is full screen the whole time and prevents you from using your browser or iTunes, etc.
  • There is a way to use your phone to control the Google presentation.  Download the De Mobo app to your phone and the Presentation Remote app to Chrome.
  • A single document (like this one) allows people to reflect.
  • The table at the top is REALLY useful if you’re going to allow for private work time.  Take the second column (the ones labeled “keep this empty for now”) and relabel it Worktime #1 and have participants jump in there and tell you/everyone what they’re going to try to do for the next 10 minutes.  Which tool?  Etc.  That way they feel some internal accountability to not simply fritter the time, and you can ask afterwards “were you successful at . . .”

PD for Seasoned Professional Developers

10:00 - 11:00 am

A collaborative session especially for educators who already provide professional development. The more you know, the more you realize you need to keep learning, right? Tim Chase is a professional development coach/trainer from the west coast, and he will be facilitating this discussion and collaboration session rich in take-aways that are ready to use in your next PD: energizers, music playlists, strategies for movement and engagement, and evaluations that actually help to reinforce the content.

Growing Toward Professional Development

1:45 - 2:45 pm

You count yourself among the "just-getting-started" in terms of offering professional development. This is an opportunity to let Tim Chase, an experienced PD "guru" give you guidance on Openers, Energizers, Review-strategies, and Closers. These four, the CORE, are the nuts and bolts of any PD. And the session is a lot of fun, as a bonus!

Activating Your Inner ‘Digital Professional’

4:15 - 5:15 pm

A 60-minute session loaded with tips and tricks for the modern digital professional.  Is it your time to shift from working harder to working smarter?  Let these free tools and time-saving tips help you organize your browser and streamline your schedule, intra- and inter-office communications, grant-writing, and collaborative projects.



Slideshow with login info and Did you know video




https://quizlet.com/live for grouping. Choose one about novels and authors :)

“Why did I do quizlet?”  “Why did I show you video?”  “Why did we start with gratitude?”  --because that’s what you can do with students and staff--it works the same with them as  it did with you.

Blockbuster Video thoughts, in partners

Austin’s Butterfly


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTTtkisylQw  Dial up mode

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opS5IVcSFnc baby explaining

Escalator help